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Art of Choice is an online platform for aspiring art enthusiasts looking to enter into the art world. Our mantra – discover, connect, and build – represents our approachable philosophy behind providing art world access. With our discover page, AoC brings you a carefully curated perspective on the art world. We welcome you to take your relationship with art to a deeper level by becoming an Art of Choice member on our connect page. Interested in starting your own collection of art but need some guidance? Our build page is here to do just that.

Art of Choice’s goal is to democratize the way the art world currently operates. With our different services, we offer a no-frills experience and invite viewers into the art world at whichever level they prefer - simply reading up on the latest and greatest in the contemporary art world, becoming an Art of Choice member to receive a more deeply curated experience of the art world, or starting a collection of your own - we are here for you through every step of your journey into the art world.

This is our Art of Choice: choice of exhibits currently on view, choice of highlights from fairs and other art happenings, and choice of artists you need to know.

A Little Of What We Do


AoC has a direct approach to discussing art. We provide our readers with information they can actually understand and enjoy reading.

Our interviews, reviews, features, and bi-monthly newsletters engage with the most talked-about art from exciting artists at every stage in their careers.


The Art of Choice membership is an access point for viewers to engage with art on a deeper level. Our members receive access to exclusive information and services, such as member events, travel guides, and partnerships.

Advisory and Collections Management

Maybe you want to purchase art or start a collection of your own but aren’t sure where to start? Art of Choice advises art purchases and assists in building valuable art collections. Our team caters to the individual needs of our clients, educating and guiding them through each purchase.

Purchasing a high-quality, attractive piece of art requires research, evaluating, and decision-making that can often be time-consuming and stressful. Our education and backgrounds working in the art world position us to help guide you through this process. We stay up-to-date on all market data in order to provide our clients with all of the valuable information they need to make an art purchase. We promise to be by your side through each step of the art-purchasing process.

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