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Art of Choice is a unique online platform for young art enthusiasts looking to discover, connect, and buy the hottest finds in the art world today. AoC brings you the art world consolidated. We cover the coolest happenings across the globe, connecting viewers to the best of what the art world has to offer and providing a democratized, no-frills educational experience.

AoC's goal is to not only provide a carefully curated perspective on all types of art around the world, but also to provide viewers with a unique and fun approach to the discovery, collecting, and experiencing of the arts.

A Little Of What We Do


AoC has a direct approach to discussing art. We provide our followers with information they can actually understand and enjoy reading.

Our content, which includes interviews, reviews, and weekly newsletters on all the art happenings you should know about, will always leave you on top of the latest in art.

Advisory and Collections Management

AoC assists both new and seasoned collectors in building a valuable art collection. Our team caters to the individual needs of our clients, educating and guiding them through each purchase. AoC offers full-service concept development end-to-end project management based on your needs.

Art of Choice will be by your side through all aspects of collection management, from framing and shipping, to installation, insurance, storage, and conservation.

We stay up-to-date on all market results, both private and public, in order to provide clients with the most relevant information on the works they collect.


Art of Choice creates meaningful access points for enthusiasts to engage with art. Our members receive access to exclusive information and services, deepening their connection to the best of what the art world has to offer.

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