Erin O’Keefe

Written By Maria Vogel Erin O’Keefe’s photographs are not of the traditional sort. In fact, if you’re are unfamiliar with O’Keefe’s role as a photographer, you may not even realize that her works are of the sort. With a decades-long career in architecture, O’Keefe brings a wholly unique perspective to capturing images of shapes and…

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Katherine Bernhardt

Written By Maria Vogel Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975) is known for painting a hodgepodge of consumer symbols, tropical animals, and everyday objects, such as cigarettes and Doritos chip, onto vibrant colored canvases. Her paintings toe the line between expressionism and abstraction. We caught up with Katherine to discuss her most recent show at CANADA, “GREEN”…

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Cole Sayer

Written By Maria Vogel Cole Sayer has not made art for a year. In that time, Sayer decided to temporarily step away from his artistic practice to pursue other interests. He went back to school for coding and became a developer. Fresh from signing a lease on a new studio, we caught up with Sayer…

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Christiane Spangsberg

written By Maria Vogel Your Instagram shows you often working on the floor, in your apartment. Can you talk about your process of creating and what it is like to combine your work realm with your living realm? For me, my work realm and my living realm is something I cannot separate. My work is…

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Josh Reames

written By Maria Vogel You’ve mentioned before you look to artists that pay attention to the minutiae of culture – how have you seen the minutiae of culture change since you began exploring this idea? In a general sense this is always evolving; As the social / political environment changes so do all of the…

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Danielle Gottesman

written By Maria Vogel You’ve experienced many different art scenes, from university in London, residency in Amsterdam, your current work in NYC and beyond – can you speak on how working as an artist differs in NYC than other areas of the world? I’m still a young artist, so it’s hard to say whether the…

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Doug Aitken New Era

Artist Interview: Doug Aitken As published in CONFRONTING THE UBIQUITY OF TECHNOLOGY WITH DOUG AITKEN Written by Maria Vogel Artist Doug Aitken defies the definition of genre. This holds especially true as you enter into New Era at 303 Gallery and find yourself immersed in a hexagonal pavilion of screens and mirrored walls. You…

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Joshua Abelow

written by Maria Vogel A few years ago, you gained notoriety for your blog, ART BLOG ART BLOG. When that started did you feel that it created an expectation around your actual physical work? JA: I think my main concern with blogging was trying to draw a parallel between looking and making, and thinking about…

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written by Maria Vogel Gabriel Barcia-Colombo is a mixed media artist whose work questions technology’s effect on humans’ relationships to time, memory, and death. His work has been shown in spaces as diverse as the works themselves, from Fulton Transit Center in NYC, to LACMA, and now even on Spotify for the platform’s first ever…

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Ryan Schneider

written by Maria Vogel Can you talk about how you arrived at your latest series of paintings? Where did the idea come from? RS: This latest series of paintings arrived from all over the place. Last winter I was struck by a very strong desire to start over. I was sort of forced into a…

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