Joshua Nathanson

Joshua Nathanson is inspired by early modernist paintings, though his works feel right at home in 2018. Nathanson employs varying techniques and subject matter to create reluctantly cohesive canvases that leave viewers transfixed. He is represented by Various Small Fires where his most recent exhibition, An Idea Because They Ate It, is on view through…

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Neill Raitt

Neil Raitt’s canvases employ repetition and landscape to create a dialogue between artistic modes of the past and present. The repeated motifs Raitt paints blur the boundaries between realism and abstraction, creating something at once recognizable and ambiguous. The British-born Raitt is represented by Anat Ebgi in LA, Valetin in Paris, and lives and works…

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Written By Maria Vogel Tell us about yourself. Where are you from originally, what was your experience in art like growing up? I grew up in Pittsburgh PA. I was always drawing, from since as long as I can remember – mostly animals, and I always remember having a very transformative reaction to color. It…

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Written By Maria Vogel Minku Kim’s abstract works investigate light, color, composition, and space. The minimalist works Kim paints vary in size and scale, but always involve a methodical approach in execution. Though seemingly straightforward in their appearance, Kim’s canvases have depths to them, in both form and story. Kim lives and works in Brooklyn,…

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Hunter Potter

Hunter Potter is a Brooklyn-based artist whose canvases capture the stories often lost in the day-to-day hustle. Potter focuses in on the minutia of life, beckoning viewers to slow down and revel in life’s pleasantries that are so easily forgotten in society today. Using bold colors and combining painterly brushstrokes with geometric figures, Potter’s paintings…

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Written By Maria Vogel Caroline Denervaud does not like to define her artistic practice. She views it as on ongoing experience that changes every day. Her multi-media explorations involve drawing, painting, writing, video, sculpture, among other mediums. Though wary to call herself an artist, here, Caroline gives us a glimpse into her life as a…

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Anders Ruhwald

Written By Maria Vogel Anders Herwald Ruhwald creates large-scale installations that blur the lines of ceramics as we have come to view the medium. He uses the forms of a space to decide how and what he will create, combining organic elements with his materiality. Ruhwald’s works are redefining the role of ceramics in the…

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All Cars are Conditioned

Written By Maria Vogel 25-year-old Coco Capitan’s artistic practice has become recognizable in the public realm through her signature typefaces of simple and humorous messages that are open to interpretation by the viewer. Her practice straddles the fine art and commercial art worlds, and includes photography, painting, and prose. Capitan’s collaboration with Gucci in 2017,…

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Written By Maria Vogel Erin O’Keefe’s photographs are not of the traditional sort. In fact, if you’re are unfamiliar with O’Keefe’s role as a photographer, you may not even realize that her works are of the sort. With a decades-long career in architecture, O’Keefe brings a wholly unique perspective to capturing images of shapes and…

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Katherine Bernhardt

Written By Maria Vogel Katherine Bernhardt (b. 1975) is known for painting a hodgepodge of consumer symbols, tropical animals, and everyday objects, such as cigarettes and Doritos chip, onto vibrant colored canvases. Her paintings toe the line between expressionism and abstraction. We caught up with Katherine to discuss her most recent show at CANADA, “GREEN”…

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