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Exclusive Member Events

Art of Choice is always planning something new, from a private exhibition hosted by a leading curator, to a studio visit with a world-renowned artist. Members have access to our extensive program of events. There will always be another unmissable Art of Choice event on the horizon.

Travel Guides

At Art of Choice, we take pride in being able to help our members make the most of their travels by helping point them in the right direction in terms of the best things to see and do - when it comes to art, of course.

Our team can pull together art-based itineraries for the lesser traveled destinations as well as the world’s largest cities, using our broad network of partners to connect members to the best people in their chosen destination.

News & Insight

We'll make sure you're always on top with the latest developments and trends in art, especially those that most inspire you. From the world's hottest new shows to the breakthrough talents of tomorrow, Art of Choice will bring you insider insight, along with our expert curatorial guidance.

Exclusive Partnerships

We've spent years developing a network of high-level contacts across the art world. Membership brings you access to that network, revealing myriad opportunities to deepen your relationship with art.

Personal Service

Our team has many years of high-level experience in the art world, we know how to deliver a rich, seamless service. And we do.

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Exclusive content delivered right to your inbox that is designed to keep you informed of all that is happening in the art world!

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